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Suzhou Novosense Microelectronics Co Ltd

NOVOSENSE Microelectronics, listed under the SSE Code 688052, is a trusted name in the field of analog and mixed-signal IC design. The company has been dedicated to developing robust and reliable solutions for signal sensing, system interconnection, and power driver since its inception in 2013.

Their extensive range of semiconductor products includes sensors, signal chains, isolators, interfaces, power drivers, and power management solutions that cater to various markets such as automotive, industrial control, information communication, and consumer electronics.

electronic components

  • Gate driver
    • Isolated driver
      • Isolated half-bridge driver
      • Isolated single-channel driver
      • Smart isolated driver
    • Non-isolated driver
      • >600V half-bridge driver
      • low-side driver
  • Industrial/Medical/Automotive ASSP
    • Industrial ASSP
      • ASSP for industrial field instrument
  • Interface
    • CAN/LIN transceiver
      • Isolated CAN transceiver
      • CAN transceiver
      • LIN transceiver
    • I2C interface
      • Hot-swappable I2C Buffer
      • I2C expander
      • I2C switch
      • I2C Level shifter
      • I2C Buffer
    • LVDS/MLVDS interface
      • MLVDS interface
    • 485 transceiver
      • Isolated RS485 transceiver
      • Non-isolated RS485 transceiver
  • Isolator
    • Digital isolator
      • General digital isolator
      • Extra-wide body digital isolator
      • Digital isolator with integrated isolated power
    • Isolated interface
      • Isolated RS485 transceiver
      • Isolated CAN transceiver
      • Isolated I2C isolator
    • Isolated power
      • Isolated RS485 transceiver with integrated isolated power
      • Isolated CAN transceiver with integrated isolated power
      • Digital isolator with integrated isolated power
  • Isolated sampling
    • Isolated ADC
    • Isolated current amplifier
    • Isolated voltage amplifier
    • Isolated error amplifier

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