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Brushed DC Motor Driver Single H-Bridge

Part Number: NSD7310
Brand: Novosense


The NSD7310 is a H-bridge driver designed for brushed DC motors, and it has several features and protections that make it suitable for various small motor control applications. Here are the key features and functionalities of the NSD7310:


  1. H-Bridge Configuration: The NSD7310 is equipped with four integrated N-channel MOSFETs, arranged in an H-bridge configuration. This allows it to control the direction of rotation (forward or reverse) of a brushed DC motor.
  2. Bidirectional Control: The device can control external motors bidirectionally, allowing you to drive the motor in both forward and reverse directions.
  3. Peak Current Handling: The NSD7310 can handle peak motor currents of up to 3.6A, which is useful for driving small to medium-sized brushed DC motors commonly found in applications like printers, robotics, and motorized actuators.
  4. PWM Control: It accepts PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signals on its input pins (IN1 and IN2). PWM modulation allows precise control of the motor speed by varying the duty cycle of the input signal, making it suitable for speed control applications.
  5. Sleep Mode: The device features a sleep mode with low quiescent current consumption when both IN1 and IN2 inputs are set low. This is useful for power-saving applications where motor control is only needed intermittently.
  6. Current Chopping Regulation: The NSD7310 integrates current chopping regulation, which depends on the VREF input and the voltage of the ISEN pin. This feature helps limit the current during motor start-up or stall conditions, protecting the motor and driver.
  7. Fault Protections:
    • VM Undervoltage Protection: The device includes protection against low supply voltage (VM undervoltage).
    • Overcurrent Protection: It is fully protected against overcurrent conditions, including output short to battery or ground.
    • Overtemperature Protection: The NSD7310 also has overtemperature protection to prevent damage due to excessive heat.
  8. Automatic Recovery: When a fault condition is detected and removed, the device automatically resumes normal operation, ensuring that the motor control system can recover from faults.

In summary, the NSD7310 is a versatile H-bridge driver tailored for controlling small brushed DC motors in applications such as printers, robotics, and motorized actuators. It offers bidirectional control, PWM speed modulation, current chopping for motor protection, and a range of fault protections to ensure the reliable and safe operation of the motor control system.


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