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High Reliability Isolated Dual-Channel Gate Driver

Part Number: NSi6602


The NSi6602 represents a family of highly dependable isolated dual-channel gate driver ICs. These drivers are engineered to facilitate the operation of power transistors at frequencies of up to 2MHz. Notably, each output is capable of sourcing 4A and sinking 6A of peak current. With an impressively rapid 25ns propagation delay and a maximum delay matching of 5ns, these drivers ensure swift and precise performance.

In terms of isolation, the NSi6602 stands out. It offers a substantial 2500Vrms isolation as per UL1577 within a compact 5mm x 5mm LGA13 package. Moreover, the SOP16 (150mil) package provides an isolation of 3000Vrms, while the SOP16 (300mil) and SOP14 (300mil) packages offer an impressive 5700Vrms isolation. Enhancing the overall system resilience, the driver boasts a typical common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) of 150kV/us.

The driver’s operational parameters include a maximum supply voltage of 25V, while the input-side accommodates a supply voltage ranging from 2.7V to 5V. Furthermore, comprehensive under voltage lock-out (UVLO) protection is extended to all power supply voltage pins, ensuring robust safety measures are in place.


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