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Single-Channel Isolated Gate Driver

Part Number: NSi6801


NSi6801 – a single-channel isolated gate driver that’s designed to seamlessly integrate with popular opto-coupled gate drivers. This innovative solution excels in both sourcing and sinking 5A of peak current, and its performance is fortified by a robust minimum common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) of 150kV/us.

Operating within a maximum supply voltage of 32V, this driver exhibits a unique input circuit that mirrors the characteristics of LEDs. However, it goes beyond the standard opto-isolated gate drivers by offering a range of performance advantages. These encompass heightened reliability and aging performance, the capability to function at higher working temperatures, reduced propagation delay, and minimized pulse width distortion.

In essence, the NSi6801 emerges as a fitting replacement for opto-isolated drivers in scenarios that demand elevated reliability, power density, and efficiency within switching power systems. Its adaptability and enhanced attributes make it a standout choice for applications where superior performance is paramount.


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