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High Reliability Dual-Channel Digital Isolators

Part Number: NSi822x
Brand: Novosense


NSi822x devices are robust dual-channel digital isolators with safety certifications, high-speed data capabilities, low power consumption, and excellent immunity to electromagnetic interference. They are suitable for a wide range of applications requiring electrical isolation and reliable signal transmission.

  1. Safety Certification and Insulation Voltage: The NSi822x devices are certified by UL1577 and offer different insulation withstand voltage options, including 3.75kVrms, 5kVrms, and 8kVrms. This certification ensures their safety and reliability for applications requiring electrical isolation.
  2. Electromagnetic Immunity and Emissions: These devices provide high electromagnetic immunity, meaning they can withstand and operate reliably in environments with electromagnetic interference. They also emit low levels of electromagnetic emissions, helping to maintain a clean electromagnetic environment.
  3. Data Rate and CMTI: The NSi822x devices support data rates of up to 150Mbps, making them suitable for high-speed digital communication. They also boast a high Common-Mode Transient Immunity (CMTI) of up to 250kV/us, indicating their ability to tolerate rapid changes in common-mode voltages.
  4. Direction Configuration and Default Output Level: The NSi822x devices offer digital channel direction configuration, allowing you to configure the direction of communication for each channel. Additionally, they provide a default output level configuration that can be set when the input power is lost.
  5. Wide Supply Voltage Range: These devices can work with a wide supply voltage range, from 2.5V to 5.5V. This feature enables easy interfacing with a variety of digital systems operating within this voltage range.
  6. EMC Performance and Isolation Surge Voltage: The NSi822x devices are designed with high system-level EMC performance, enhancing their reliability and stability. They can handle isolation surge voltages greater than 10kV, adding an extra layer of protection against voltage spikes.
  7. Power Consumption and Propagation Delay: The devices have low power consumption, drawing only 1.5mA per channel at a data rate of 1Mbps. They also feature a low propagation delay of less than 15ns, ensuring efficient signal transmission.
  8. Operating Temperature and RoHS Compliance: These devices are designed to operate within a wide temperature range, from -55°C to 125°C, making them suitable for harsh environments. They are available in different package types, including SOP8 narrow body, SOW8 wide body, SOW16 wide body, and SOWW16 wide body, all of which are RoHS compliant.
  9. Safety Regulatory Approvals: The NSi822x devices have received various safety certifications, including UL recognition up to 5000Vrms, CQC certification per GB4943.1-2011, CSA component notice 5A, and DIN VDE V 0884-11:2017-01.


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