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High-Accuracy Hall-Effect-Based Current Sensor IC with Common-Mode Field Rejection in 5kV High-Isolation

Part Number: NSM2011
Brand: Novosense


The NSM2011 is an integrated path current sensor with several noteworthy features and benefits, primarily designed for current monitoring applications. Here are the key features and advantages of the NSM2011:


  1. Low On-Resistance: The NSM2011 has a very low on-resistance of 0.85 milliohms (mΩ). This low on-resistance minimizes heat dissipation within the sensor, reducing power losses and heat generation.
  2. NOVOSENSE Isolation Technology: The sensor employs NOVOSENSE innovative isolation technology, ensuring high isolation levels while accurately sensing the current flowing through the internal busbar. This technology provides electrical isolation between the current path and external circuits, enhancing safety.
  3. Differential Hall Pair: Internally, the NSM2011 utilizes a differential Hall pair, which makes it highly immune to external stray magnetic fields. This ensures accurate current measurement even in the presence of external magnetic interference.
  4. Simplified Current Monitoring: Unlike traditional current monitoring methods that involve using shunt resistors and isolated operational amplifiers (op-amps), the NSM2011 eliminates the need for a primary side power supply, simplifying the layout and design.
  5. High Isolation Withstand Voltage: In high-side current monitoring applications, the NSM2011 can operate at a working voltage of 1550Vpk (peak voltage) and can withstand surges of up to 10kV surge voltage and 13kA surge current without requiring additional protection devices.
  6. Factory Calibration: The sensor is factory calibrated with an accurate temperature compensation algorithm. This calibration process ensures that the NSM2011 maintains good accuracy across its full temperature working range. As a result, customers do not need to perform secondary programming or calibration, saving time and effort.

Advantages and Applications:

  • Simplified Design: The NSM2011 simplifies the design of current monitoring circuits, particularly in high-side applications. Its integrated nature and high isolation capabilities eliminate the need for complex primary-side power supplies and external protection devices.
  • High Accuracy: The factory calibration and accurate temperature compensation algorithm contribute to the sensor’s high accuracy, making it suitable for precision current monitoring applications.
  • Robust Surge Protection: The ability to withstand high surge voltages and currents without additional protection devices enhances the sensor’s reliability in challenging environments.
  • Isolation: The sensor’s isolation technology ensures that it can be safely used in applications where electrical isolation is crucial.

In summary, the NSM2011 is an integrated path current sensor designed for simplified and accurate current monitoring applications. Its low on-resistance, high isolation withstand voltage, and immunity to external magnetic fields make it a valuable component in various industries, including industrial automation, power management, and more.


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