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Industrial Transmitter Signal Processing Chip Supporting 4~20mA Output

Part Number: NSA2860
Brand: Novosense
NSA2860 novosense
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Designed with precision and versatility in mind, the NSA2860 (X) represents an advanced Application-Specific Standard Product (ASSP) chip tailored for industrial applications requiring 4~20mA current output or 05V/0~10V voltage output. This innovative chip incorporates a range of integrated features, including an internal bridge drive, dual constant current source drive, Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA), and a high-resolution 24-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC). These attributes render the NSA2860 (X) ideally suited for seamless integration with interface bridge pressure sensors and temperature sensors such as RTD/TC.

A notable aspect of the NSA2860 (X) is its capacity for customer-programmable digital calibration logic, affording users the capability to fine-tune and tailor its performance to specific requirements. Facilitating ease of use, the chip also presents an intuitive On-Wire Interface (OWI), streamlining direct communication with the analog line of the 4~20mA standard. This provision greatly simplifies post-assembly sensor calibration, enabling the seamless retention of calibration coefficients.

Moreover, the NSA2860 (X) seamlessly integrates an external JFET controller, effectively obviating the need for an additional power controller under standard industrial loop power supply conditions of 24V. This strategic design choice enhances operational convenience while maintaining compatibility within industrial contexts.

Over recent years, the NSA2860 (X) has demonstrated its widespread utility in a range of critical industrial applications, encompassing industrial pressure transmitters, industrial temperature transmitters, and an array of field instruments. The chip’s robust reliability and unwavering stability have been rigorously substantiated through an extensive array of shipments within the industrial domain.


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