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High Reliability Reinforced Isolated Sigma-Delta Modulator

Part Number: NSi1306
Brand: Novosense


The NSI1306 is a high-performance Σ-Δ (Sigma-Delta) modulator that incorporates NOVOSENSE capacitive isolation technology to separate the output from the input. This technology provides electrical isolation, making it suitable for various applications where isolation is required. Here are some key features and specifications of the NSI1306:

  1. Input Signal Range: The device offers a linear differential input signal range of ±50mV (±64mV full-scale) or ±250mV (±320mV full-scale). This input range is well-suited for shunt resistor-based current sensing in high-voltage applications.
  2. Modulator Type: It utilizes a second-order Σ-Δ modulator to continuously sample and convert the analog input signal into a high-speed, single-bit data stream. Σ-Δ modulators are known for their excellent noise performance and high resolution.
  3. Output Data Synchronization: The output data is synchronous to an external clock signal, with a frequency range that can be set between 5MHz to 21MHz. This flexibility in clock frequency allows for customization based on the specific application requirements.
  4. Resolution and SNR: By employing an appropriate digital filter, such as a sinc3 filter, to decimate the single-bit data stream, the NSI1306 can achieve a resolution of 16 bits and deliver a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 86dB/82.5dB at a sampling rate of 78.125kSPS (kilosamples per second) with a 20MHz master clock. This high resolution and SNR make it suitable for precise data acquisition applications.
  5. Fail-Safe Functions: The device incorporates fail-safe functions to enhance system-level design and diagnostics. These functions include input common-mode overvoltage detection, which helps protect the device from potentially damaging input voltages, and missing AVDD (analog power supply) detection, which aids in diagnosing power supply issues.

In summary, the NSI1306 is a high-performance Σ-Δ modulator with excellent noise performance, high resolution, and the ability to provide electrical isolation through NOVOSENSE capacitive isolation technology. It is particularly well-suited for applications such as shunt resistor-based current sensing in high-voltage environments where accurate and isolated data acquisition is required. Additionally, the fail-safe features contribute to system reliability and ease of troubleshooting.


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