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High Speed 5A Dual-Channel Low-Side Gate Driver with Enable Pins

Part Number: NSD1025
Brand: Novosense


The NSD1025 stands as a versatile wide-supply, dual-channel, non-inverting high-speed gate driver tailored for both MOSFET and IGBT applications. This gate driver exhibits the capacity to furnish an impressive 5A sink and source current to capacitive loads, coupled with rail-to-rail output functionality designed to mitigate the Miller effect during MOSFET switching transitions. Characterized by rapid rise and fall times, as well as closely matched propagation delay across both output channels, the NSD1025 is well-suited for deployment in high-frequency power converter scenarios.

Noteworthy is the NSD1025’s resilience, as both its input and enable pins are engineered to withstand up to -10V, thereby enhancing noise immunity and overall robustness. Facilitating seamless integration, the driver inputs are compatible with both CMOS and TTL logic standards, affording effortless interfacing with both analog and digital controllers.

The internal architecture of the device incorporates an under voltage lockout (UVLO) function that effectively holds the output in a low state until the supply voltage aligns with UVLO threshold values. This arrangement is further bolstered by a generous VDD hysteresis range between high and low thresholds, contributing to superior noise immunity.

Packaged with industrial-grade durability in mind, the NSD1025 is offered in SOP8, DFN8, and HMSOP8 formats, spanning an operational temperature range of -40°C to 125°C. This comprehensive feature set positions the NSD1025 as a compelling choice for advanced power management applications within demanding environments.


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