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High-Performance Isolated CAN Transceiver

Part Number: NSi1050
Brand: Novosense


The NSi1050 is an isolated CAN (Controller Area Network) transceiver designed to be fully compatible with the ISO11898-2 standard, which is a widely used standard for high-speed CAN communication. Here are some key features and characteristics of the NSi1050:

  1. Isolation Technology: The NSi1050 integrates two channel digital isolators that use silicon oxide isolation based on Novosense capacity isolation technology. This technology provides electrical isolation between the CAN bus and the rest of the system.
  2. Simplified System Design: The high level of integration in the NSi1050 helps simplify system design by combining the CAN transceiver and digital isolators into a single device. This can lead to reduced component count and improved system reliability.
  3. Safety Certification: The NSi1050 is safety certified by UL1577, which ensures it meets safety standards. It supports 5kVrms insulation withstand voltages, making it suitable for applications where electrical isolation is essential.
  4. Electromagnetic Immunity and Low Emissions: Like the previously mentioned transceivers, the NSi1050 is designed to provide high electromagnetic immunity and low emissions. This is crucial for reliable communication in noisy industrial environments.
  5. Data Rate: The NSi1050 supports a data rate of up to 1Mbps. This is a standard data rate for many CAN communication applications and allows for fast and efficient data transfer.
  6. Thermal Protection: The device includes thermal protection, which helps safeguard it against overheating, ensuring its reliable operation even under challenging operating conditions.
  7. Transmit Data Dominant Time-Out Function: This function helps ensure the stability of the CAN bus by monitoring the bus for an excessive duration of dominant (logical low) state on the transmit side. If this condition persists, the NSi1050 can take appropriate actions to prevent bus contention and errors.

In summary, the NSi1050 is an isolated CAN transceiver that offers compatibility with the ISO11898-2 standard, electrical isolation, safety certification, high data rate support, and additional features like thermal protection and a time-out function. It is designed to simplify system design, enhance reliability, and provide a robust solution for CAN communication in various applications, including automotive and industrial settings.


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