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High Voltage Non-isolated Half-bridge Gate Driver

Part Number: NSD1624
NSD1624 novosense
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NSD1624 is an exceptional high-voltage half-bridge gate driver engineered to deliver a robust maximum drive current of 4A/6A. It stands poised to power a diverse array of substantial devices, including MOSFETs and IGBTs. With the capacity to integrate seamlessly into bus voltage systems reaching up to 1200V, the NSD1624 is well-equipped for demanding tasks.

Setting the bar in the industry, this driver showcases unparalleled ultra-low propagation delay, maintaining efficient performance. Its static current is remarkably low, and it demonstrates remarkable resistance to negative pressure as well as high DV/DT disturbances.

Flexibility is inherent, with the NSD1624 accommodating a wide range of power supply inputs, spanning from 10V to 20V. It incorporates UVLO protection to ensure the safety of both VDD and BST power supply pins. Available in various packages – LGA10, SOP8, and SOP14 – this driver operates effectively across temperatures from -40°C to 125°C.

The culmination of these exceptional attributes renders the NSD1624 an excellent fit for switching power supply systems that prioritize reliability, power density, and efficiency. Its capabilities align harmoniously with the demands of high-performance applications.


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