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High Reliability Reinforced Isolated Amplifier

Part Number: NSi1311
Brand: Novosense


The NSI1311 is a high-performance isolated amplifier that utilizes NOVOSENSE capacitive isolation technology to separate the input and output. Here are the key features and specifications of the NSI1311:


  1. Isolated Amplifier: The NSI1311 is designed as an isolated amplifier, ensuring complete electrical isolation between the input and output signals. This is crucial in applications where electrical safety and noise isolation are required.
  2. Input Signal Range: It accepts a single-ended input signal ranging from 0.1V to 2V. This input range is well-suited for various voltage signal sources that have a wide dynamic range.
  3. High Input Impedance: The device offers a high input impedance, making it ideal for connecting to high-voltage resistive dividers or other voltage signal sources with high output resistance. This helps prevent loading of the source and maintains signal integrity.
  4. Fixed Gain of 1: The NSI1311 has a fixed gain of 1, meaning it provides a unity gain configuration. This simplifies signal processing and ensures that the output faithfully represents the input signal’s magnitude.
  5. Differential Analog Output: It provides a differential analog output, which can be useful for noise rejection and interference reduction in the output signal.
  6. Low Offset and Gain Drift: The device features low offset and gain drift characteristics, ensuring accurate measurements over a wide temperature range. This is crucial for precision applications where stable performance is essential.
  7. High Common-Mode Transient Immunity: The NSI1311 is designed with high common-mode transient immunity. This feature allows it to provide accurate and reliable measurements even in the presence of high-power switching events, such as those found in motor control applications.
  8. Fail-Safe Function (Missing VDD1 Detection): The device includes a fail-safe function for detecting when the primary power supply voltage (VDD1) is missing. This feature simplifies system-level design and diagnostics, as it can help identify power-related issues.

In summary, the NSI1311 is a high-performance isolated amplifier with features that make it suitable for applications where accurate and isolated signal amplification is required. Its high input impedance, low offset, gain drift, and common-mode transient immunity make it particularly well-suited for applications such as motor control, where precise measurements and noise immunity are critical. Additionally, the fail-safe function enhances system reliability and diagnostics.


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