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Hot Swappable I2C Bus and SMBus Buffer

Part Number: NCA9511
Brand: Novosense


The NCA9511 represents a sophisticated and adaptable hot-swappable I2C bus buffer meticulously engineered to facilitate the seamless insertion of I/O cards into a live backplane, while upholding the integrity of data and clock buses. Distinguished by its advanced control circuitry, this device ensures a non-disruptive integration of backplane-side I2C lines (in) with card-side I2C lines (out), contingent on specific criteria being met, such as the issuance of a stop command or the attainment of a bus idle state on the backplane, combined with the absence of bus contention on the card.

In effecting this harmonious connection, the NCA9511 assumes a pivotal role through bidirectional buffering, meticulously isolating the capacitances of the backplane and the card. The insertion procedure is facilitated by a strategic pre-charging of the SDA and SCL lines to 1 V, a design that significantly diminishes the current necessary for charging the inherent capacitance of the device.

To optimize power utilization, the NCA9511 is equipped with a judicious shutdown mode, conveniently activated via the EN pin. This empowers the device to transition into a state of reduced power consumption during periods of inactivity on the I2C bus. A simple raising of the EN pin promptly restores the NCA9511 to its standard operational mode.

Furthermore, this device is endowed with an open-drain READY output pin. This feature serves as an unequivocal indicator of the connection status between the backplane and card sides. When in a high state, READY signifies a seamless alignment of SDAIN and SCLIN with SDAOUT and SCLOUT, ensuring an active and reliable connection. Conversely, when the two sides are disengaged, READY assumes a low state, effectively communicating the detachment between the two domains.


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