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GaN Power Supplies & SiC Power Supplies

Explore our Gallium Nitride (GaN) power supply PCB solutions and Silicon Carbide (SiC) power supply PCB solutions. Discover the benefits of high efficiency, compact design, and superior thermal management in our detailed case studies.

gaN Power Supply PCB Solutions

gan pd charger pcb

GaN-based LLC Topology PD Charger PCB

  • Volume: 60*65*30 mm

  • Efficiency: 96.5% @ 220VAC

  • Advantages:

    • High Efficiency: GaN devices’ low on-resistance and fast switching capabilities increase power conversion efficiency.
    • Small Volume: GaN devices enable the LLC converter to operate at high frequencies, thus reducing the size of magnetic components.
    • Good EMI Characteristics: The use of small-volume magnetic components at high frequencies can reduce radiated and conducted noise.
gan electric motor charger

GaN-based 54V 10A Electric Scooter Charger PCB

  • Volume: 190*65*30 mm

  • Efficiency: 96.5% @ 220VAC

  • Advantages:

    • Fanless, Natural Cooling: The high efficiency and low heat loss of GaN devices reduce the need for cooling.
    • Lightweight: The reduction in material usage, especially for the cooling system’s materials.
    • Integrable into the Vehicle Body, Space-Saving: The small volume allows the charger to be integrated into the scooter’s body, saving space.
GaN LED lighting power supply

GaN-based 24V 8.5A LED Lighting Power Supply PCB

  • Applicable Scenarios: Ultra-thin televisions, Industrial lighting

  • Volume: 330*25*15 mm

  • Efficiency: 96.2% @ 220VAC

  • Advantages:

    • Fanless, Natural Cooling: Lower heat output allows for cooling without fans.
    • Ultra-thin, Small Volume, Lightweight: Suitable for ultra-thin applications, easy to install and maintain.

SiC Power Supply PCB Solutions

sic outdoor power supply pcb

SiC 1kW Outdoor Power Supply PCB

  • Volume: 140*100*40 mm

  • Conversion Efficiency: 94%

  • Advantages:

    • Small Volume: SiC devices can operate stably at higher temperatures, reducing the volume of cooling elements.
    • Lightweight: Reduction in cooling materials, thus reducing weight.
    • Low Heat: High efficiency of SiC devices reduces heat generation.
3.3kw electric motor on board charger

3.3KW Electric Motorcycle On-board Charger PCB

  • Volume: 225*150*55 mm

  • Conversion Efficiency: 97%

  • Advantages:

    • Small Volume, Lightweight: Enhances the portability and installation flexibility of the charger.
5kw 3 phase bridgeless PFC pcb

5KW Three-Phase Bridgeless PFC PCB

  • Applicable Scenarios: Industrial fans, Industrial pumps, Data center cooling systems

  • Volume: 225*150*55 mm

  • Conversion Efficiency: 98%

  • THD: <10%

  • Advantages:

    • High Efficiency: High conversion efficiency reduces power losses.
    • Small Volume, Lightweight: Facilitates integration in a variety of applications, enhancing overall system performance.

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