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Power Device Analyzer

Our power device analyzer integrates multifaceted measurement and analysis functions. With an expansive voltage range of up to 3.5kV and a current capacity of 6000A, this analyzer accommodates various power devices, including MOSFETs, BJTs, and IGBTs, featuring high-voltage and high-current characteristics. Offering uΩ-level accuracy in measurements and pA-level current measurement capability, it ensures meticulous evaluation. Moreover, our system supports the assessment of junction capacitance in high-voltage mode, encompassing parameters like input capacitance, output capacitance, and reverse transfer capacitance. Experience unparalleled precision in static parameter testing for optimized power device performance.

Power device Analyzer Features

  • Achieve a maximum voltage of 3500V, expandable to 10kV for enhanced versatility.
  • Handle substantial currents, with the capability to reach 6000A through parallel modules.
  • Ensure minimal leakage current in the nA range and conduct precise resistance measurements down to micro-ohms.
  • Attain precision with a measurement accuracy of 0.1%.
  • Benefit from a modular configuration that allows effortless addition or upgrading of measuring units.
  • Experience efficient testing with automatic switching and simplified one-key testing.
  • Utilize an intuitive graphical PC operation interface, enabling users to conduct tests with ease after simple configuration.
  • Adapt to diverse temperature requirements, supporting both normal and high-temperature tests, with an optional temperature control module that can be synchronized with a third-party thermostat.
  • Export test data seamlessly, supporting automatic export of results in EXCEL format.
  • Ensure compatibility with various packages, offering tailor-made fixtures based on specific testing requirements.

What can it test?

The power device analyzer is equipped to test a diverse range of electronic components:

  • Diode, LED: Assess parameters like reverse breakdown voltage (VR), reverse leakage current (IR), forward voltage (VF), forward current (IF), capacitance (Cd), and characteristic curves such as I-V and C-V.

  • Transistor: Measure critical characteristics including collector-emitter breakdown voltage (V(BR)CEO), collector-base breakdown voltage (V(BR)CBO), emitter-base breakdown voltage (V(BR)EBO), collector current (IC), collector leakage current (ICBO), saturation voltage (VCESAT), saturation base-emitter voltage (VBESAT), base current (IB), collector-emitter capacitance (Ceb), gain (hFE), and various curves such as input, output, and C-V.

  • Silicon-based, silicon carbide MOSFET: Evaluate parameters like drain-source breakdown voltage (V(BR)DSS), threshold gate-source voltage (VGS(th)), drain-source saturation current (IDSS), gate-source leakage current (IGSS), on-state resistance (RDS(on)), source-drain voltage (VSD), source-drain current (ISD), gate internal resistance (RG), input capacitance (Ciss), output capacitance (Coss), reverse transmission capacitance (Crss), transconductance (gfs), and various curves.

  • IGBT: Test features such as collector-emitter saturation voltage (VCEsat), collector-emitter breakdown voltage (VCES), collector current (IC), collector-emitter leakage current (ICES), gate-source voltage (VGES), threshold gate-source voltage (VGE(th)), gate-source leakage current (IGES), gate internal resistance (RG), input capacitance (Ciss), output capacitance (Coss), reverse transfer capacitance (Crss), transconductance (gfs), and characteristic curves.

  • GaN HEMT: Assess parameters similar to MOSFETs and IGBTs for Gallium Nitride High Electron Mobility Transistors.

  • Capacitance: Measure insulation resistance (I.R) and capacitance value (C).

  • Optocoupler (three ports): Evaluate forward current (IF), forward voltage (VF), collector-emitter breakdown voltage (V(BR)CEO), collector-emitter saturation voltage (VCE(sat)), collector-emitter leakage current (ICEO), insulation resistance (I.R), input capacitance, output capacitance, isolation capacitance (CIO) between input and output, output current transfer ratio (CTR), and characteristic curves for input and output.

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