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Super Semiconductor, established in 2015 and located in the high-tech Zhangjiang Park in Shanghai, often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of China,” boasts a team with over 15 years of experience in the design and operation of power semiconductor devices. The company operates under a Fabless model, outsourcing the manufacturing, testing, and packaging processes of its chips to renowned domestic and international manufacturers. Notably, it is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the world’s highest current density Super Junction Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (SJ-IGBT) and the first domestic manufacturer of multi-layer epitaxial Super Junction Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (SJ-MOS). Super Semiconductor is dedicated to the design and sales of high-end power semiconductor devices, including SJ-IGBT, SJ-MOS, SiC-MOS, SiC-SBD, and SGT-MOS.

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  • SJ-MOS
  • SJ-MOS(Fast-Recovery)




  • SiC-MOS
  • SiC-SBD

High-Side Driver(under development)

  • 600V

Comparison of Different Processes for Super Junction MOS (SJ-MOS)

multi-epi process
Multi-EPI(Infineon, Fairchild, ST, Super Semi)
deep-trench process

Currently, there are two main methods for producing Super Junction (SJ-MOS):

(1) The multi-epitaxial (Multi-EPI) method involves the growth of layers through epitaxy and ion implantation to achieve the Super Junction. While this method has lower equipment requirements, it involves numerous production steps, resulting in higher costs. (

2) The deep-trench method involves directly digging deep grooves, which is cost-effective but poses challenges in ensuring uniform performance within the trenches, leading to reliability risks.

International mainstream SJ-MOSFET manufacturers, including Infineon, typically adopt the multi-epitaxial process due to its advantages in product reliability and EMI mitigation.

Super Semiconductor stands as the first Chinese semiconductor company to successfully develop Super Junction MOSFET products using the multi-epitaxial process.

Comparison of IDSS of Super Junction MOS with Different Processes


The Drain-to-Source Leakage Current (IDSS) characteristics of SJ-MOSFET products are primarily related to the product’s process type, with relatively minimal impact from product specifications, chip size, and process generations.

Super Semiconductor’s SJ-MOSFET products exhibit IDSS characteristics that are essentially consistent with internationally mainstream multi-epitaxial process products and notably lower than products employing the Deep-Trench process.

The excellent performance in high-temperature leakage characteristics contributes to ensuring the reliability and stability of Super Semiconductor’s SJ-MOSFET products during prolonged operational conditions.

Advantages of Super Semiconductor’s SJ-IGBT

Higher current density

IGBT technology has reached its seventh generation, exemplified by Infineon’s IGBT7, which employs a microtrench + field stop structure, achieving an impressive current density of up to 400A/cm².

Super Semiconductor’s recently introduced SJ-IGBT devices take this a step further, significantly enhancing the current density beyond IGBT7. The inaugural SJ-IGBT generation has already achieved a milestone with a current density of 450A/cm², and the next generation, currently undergoing validation, aims to extend the current density to an impressive 600A/cm².

igbt current density

Lower switching losses

Comparison of actual measurements between Company I’s H5 and S5 and Super Semiconductor’s parts

igbt comparision

All devices undergo dynamic and short-circuit testing under the same conditions on the dedicated testing platform LE MSYS TRds4045-40 70 at the Shanghai Microtechnology Industrial Research Institute. The G2H-type SJ-IGBT demonstrates exceptionally low switching losses, making the device more suitable for high-frequency applications.

Smaller packages

The higher current density capability of SJ-IGBT devices allows for a significant reduction in chip area, thereby minimizing the packaging size requirements for the device. Currently, in the market, 600/650V 30-75A IGBT devices (with integrated FRD) typically use larger packaging forms like TO-247 and TO-3P due to chip area considerations. Super Semiconductor offers SJ-IGBT products rated at 30-75A, featuring fast recovery diodes, in packaging forms such as TO-220, TO-220F, and TO-247, providing more flexibility and options compared to the larger-sized alternatives.


Solar Micro Inverters

Solar micro inverters convert power on individual photovoltaic (PV) panels. The rated power of a single PV panel is typically 400W, while multiple panels can have a combined rated power of up to 1.5KW. Recently, due to the impact of the European energy crisis, there has been a consistently high demand for solar micro inverters. Our 800V high-voltage SJ-MOS, utilizing a multi-epitaxial process, offers high reliability and good consistency, to meet the design requirements effectively.

igbt solar inverter application

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Super Semiconductor has published its article about its innovation on SJ-IGBT, in the top-tier journal IEEE EDL(Electron Device Letters), marking a further breakthrough in silicon-based chip technology.


Feel free to reach out to us at for more information on Super Semiconductor and its SJ-IGBT, SJ-MOS, SiC-MOS, SiC-SBD, and SGT-MOS products, as well as their applications. We’re here to assist you in identifying the most suitable component for your project.

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