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SemiHow is a Korean semiconductor company founded in 2002, which is committed to the R&D, design and manufacturing of power device semiconductor products.SemiHow’s senior management and R&D team are all from Samsung, with headquarters in Fuchuan, South Korea, and offices in Shenzhen (headquarters in China), Wuxi, Jiangsu, Taipei, Taiwan and India.

The largest customer of SemiHow Semiconductor is Samsung. It has cooperated with Samsung chargers manufacturers (Dongyuan, Avotel, Toyo E&P, Solu-M, Selcon, Guande) for more than 15 years and is the main supplier of Samsung chargers in mass production at present. In 2017, SemiHow and Samsung Semiconductor began to develop a high-voltage super-junction process platform in strategic cooperation. At present, it basically covers 600V~900V high-voltage super-junction MOS common models, and currently ensures a production capacity of 50000 pieces/month.

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Super Junction S3Field Strop TrenchTriacDiode
Super Junction S4SCRPower Transistor
Shielded Gate Trench
Normal Trench

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