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Marching Power

Marching Power is a high-tech design company specializing in developing new power semiconductor devices. Its core business includes the development of new power devices such as IGBT, CoolMOS (superjunction MOSFET), IPM, SJ MOSFET, Trench MOSFET, VD MOSFET, FRD, SiC devices, and silicon-based GaN devices. Marching Power has a professional and efficient team of talents, with the technology team composed of experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and outstanding overseas technical elites.

The technology and management team has gone through the entire process from technology development to samples, products, mass production, and full marketization, with many years of industry experience and accumulated a large number of upstream and downstream industrial chain and market resources. Marching Power has achieved full-chain integration from chip design, manufacturing process, packaging and testing, reliability, application, to market sales.

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IGBT Module

Marching Power possesses a vehicle-grade module production line, with process technology covering all welded products and some press-fit products. The process technology and packaging equipment meet the module packaging needs of the photovoltaic, wind power, and automotive industries, and have pre-set ultrasonic welding, copper wire bonding, and other processes for high-reliability modules. New materials such as AlSiC and SiN are gradually being used in automotive modules.

Marching Power’s currently mass-produced modules use the independently designed fourth-generation Trench FS IGBT chips and will gradually introduce modules using sixth and seventh-generation Trench FS IGBT chips, achieving lower loss, higher power density, and higher operating junction temperature (175℃).

Product Features:

  • High reliability, advanced power cycling, and temperature cycling capabilities;
  • High power density and operating junction temperature;
  • Good consistency in critical parameters, easy to use in parallel;
  • Adopting advanced Trench FS IGBT chips with good trade-off characteristics in static, dynamic, and short-circuit parameters.

Part NumberVCE[V]IC[A]@100℃VCESAT[V]@25℃typEon[mJ]Eoff[mJ]Package
MPFF100R07RBF65010023.21.634mm module
MPFF150R07RBF6501502.14.33.134mm module
MPFF150R07RBF6502002.25.85.134mm module
MPFF50R12RB1200502.13.71.634mm module
MPFF75R12RB12007525.44.134mm module
MPFS820R08PBF7508201.48.824.35HybridPACK Drive
MPFF100R12RB12001001.956.875.4434mm module
MPFF100R12RB12001501.819.47.3962mm module
MPFF150R12KBF12001501.955.68.762mm module
MPFF150R12RB120015023.68.734mm module
MPFF200R12RB12002001.9722.717.134mm module
MPFF200R12KB12002002212.162mm module
MPFF200R12KBF120020028.813.662mm module
MPFF300R12KBF12003002.0513.721.762mm module
MPFF400R12KBF12004001.927.838.962mm module
MPFF450R12KBF12004502.0488.443.762mm module
MPFF300R17MBF12003001.9570.562.462mm module

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