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Innoscience is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research, development, and manufacturing of third-generation semiconductor silicon-based gallium nitride (GaN) epitaxy and devices. The company employs the Integrated Device Manufacture (IDM) full industry chain model and has established the world’s first production line with the largest capacity for 8-inch GaN-on-Si wafer mass production.

Founded on December 17, 2015, Innoscience understood from the outset that achieving widespread market adoption of gallium nitride (GaN) technology required more than just performance and reliability. It necessitated addressing three crucial pain points.

  • Firstly, cost was imperative; reasonable pricing was essential for broad adoption.
  • Secondly, the capability for large-scale production was a must to meet market demands.
  • Lastly, ensuring a stable supply chain for devices was vital, enabling customers to focus entirely on product and system development without concerns about production interruptions due to changes in GaN device supply strategy.


Hence, Innoscience realized that only by expanding GaN device production capacity and possessing an independently controllable production line could the three pain points (pricing, quantity, and supply security) be effectively addressed, enabling the widespread market promotion of GaN power electronic devices.

From the outset, Innoscience strategically adopted 8-inch wafers. Compared to 6-inch wafers, 8-inch wafers yield 80% more devices. Furthermore, Innoscience leveraged C-MOS processes, applying years of experience and optimization measures from the field of transistor production to the production process of GaN wafers.

Today, Innoscience has fulfilled its initial plans. Currently, the company boasts two 8-inch silicon-based GaN production facilities utilizing cutting-edge 8-inch production processes, making it the leading GaN device manufacturer with the highest global production capacity.

Presently, Innoscience’s 8-inch silicon-based GaN production capacity has reached 10,000 wafers per month, with plans to gradually increase it to over 70,000 wafers per month and beyond.

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Part numberConfigurationPackageVDS max(V)RDS(on)_typ(mΩ)RDS(on) max (mΩ)QG(nC)Qoss(nC)ID max (A)IDPuls max(A)Models
INN650D140ASingleDFN 8X86501061403.5331732available
INN650DA140ASingleDFN 5X66501061403.5331732available
INN650D190ASingleDFN 8X86501381902.824.511.520.5available
INN650DA190ASingleDFN 5X66501381902.824.511.520.5available
INN650D240ASingleDFN 8X86501652402211018available
INN650DA240ASingleDFN 5×66501652402211018available
INN650D350ASingleDFN 8X86502703501.513610available
INN650DA350ASingleDFN 5X66502703501.513610available
INN650DA500ASingleDFN 5X66503655001.310.559available
INN650DA600ASingleDFN 5X66504706000.77.33.36available
INN650N05(old P/N)SingleWAFER6506208000.7525available
INN650D080BSSingleDFN 8X865060806.2602958available
INN700DC140ASingleDFN 5X67001061403.5331732available
INN700DC240ASingleDFN 5X67001652402211018available
INN700DC350ASingleDFN 5X67002703501.513610available


Part numberConfigurationPackageVDS max(V)RDS(on)_typ(mΩ)RDS(on) max (mΩ)QG(nC)Qoss(nC)ID max (A)IDPuls max(A)Models
INN040W048ABidirectionWLCSP 2.1X2.14044.815.812.220100available
INN040W080ABidirectionWLCSP 1.7X1.7406.1810.181470available
INN040W120ABidirectionWLCSP 1.2X1.7409127.25.61050available
INN040FQ012ABidirectionFCQFN 6X4400.91.26045100200available
INN040FQ015ASingleFCQFN 5X4401.21.5285850200available
INN040FQ043ASingleFCQFN 4X34034.36.21424160available
INN100W032ASingleWLCSP 3.5X2.131002.43.29.25060230available
INN100W027ASingleWLCSP 4.45x2.301002.12.7137764320available
INN100W070ASingleWLCSP 2.5x1.51005.574.52529125available
INN100FQ016ASingleFCQFN 4X61001.41.822125100320available
INN100FQ025ASingleFCQFN 3X51002.22.8148580320available
INN150FQ032ASingleFCQFN 4X61503.23.920130100260available
INN150LA070A*SingleLGA 2.2X3.21505.677.646.828120available
ISG3201SolidGaN (Driver+Half bridge GaN)LGA 5x6.5x1.11002.4+2.43.2+3.29.2+9.250+5060N/AN/A

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