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Infineon Technology was officially established in Munich, Germany, on April 1, 1999, and is one of the world’s leading semiconductor companies. Its predecessor is the semiconductor division of Siemens Group, which was independent in 1999 and listed in 2000. Its Chinese name is Yiheng Technology, which was renamed Infineon Technology after 2002.

Infineon Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in Neubiberg, Germany, provides semiconductor and system solutions for the three major technological challenges of modern society – energy efficiency, mobility and security.

Infineon focuses on meeting the three major technological challenges of modern society: energy efficiency, mobility and security, and provides semiconductor and system solutions for automotive and industrial power devices, chip cards and security applications. Infineon’s products are known for their high reliability, excellent quality and innovation, and have mastered cutting-edge technologies in the fields of analog and mixed signals, RF, power and embedded control devices. Infineon’s business covers the world, and it has branches in Miaobida, California, the United States, Singapore in the Asia-Pacific region, Tokyo, Japan and other places.

electronic components

Automotive MOSFET
N-Channel Power MOSFET
P-Channel Power MOSFET
Small Signal/Small Power MOSFET
N-Channel Depletion Mode MOSFET
Silicon Carbide CoolSiC MOSFET
IGBTs – Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors
IGBT Discretes
IGBT Modules
IGBT Bare Dies
IGBT Press Packs
GaN HEMT – Gallium Nitride Transistor
Integrated Power Stage(GaN)
Smart Power Switches
Low-Side Switches
High-Side Switches
Multichannel SPI Switches & Controller
Linear Voltage Regulator(LDO)
Linear Voltage Regulators for Automotive Applications
Linear Voltage Regulators for Industrial Applications
DC-DC Converters
Switching Regulators
Integrated POL Voltage Regulators
Digital Multiphase Controllers
Integrated Smart Power Stages
Low Voltage Gate Drivers
Digital Power Controllers
LED Driver ICs
AC-DC lLED Driver IC
LED Dimming Driver IC
Linear LED Driver IC
Automotive LED Driver IC
Ballast IC
NFC-PWM Configuration IC
Diode & Thyristor (Si/SiC)
Thyristor / Diode Discs
Thyristor / Diode Modules
Thyristor Soft Starter Modules
Bridge Rectifier & AC-Switches
Schottky Diodes
Silicon Diodes
Diode Bare Dies
Gate Driver ICs
High Side Drivers
Low Side Drivers
High and Low Side Drivers
Half-Bridge Drivers
Three Phase Drivers
Driver Boards
Gate Driver Support ICs
Automotive Gate Driver ICs
Gate Driver ICs for GaN HEMTs

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