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HyCores is a high-tech chip company specializing in SiC semiconductor solutions. The product range includes a series of SiC Schottky diodes with voltage ratings ranging from 650V to 1700V and current ratings from 2A to 70A, and 1200V MOSFETs with Rdson values ranging from 280mΩ to 40mΩ.  The SiC-based power MOSFETs deliver high performance, specifically catering to green energy applications.

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HyCores is a high-tech chip company focused on the SiC semiconductor field. It is headquartered in Shanghai Hongqiao Green Valley.

HyCores receives technical support from a team in the United States and has accumulated over ten years of research and development experience. With a solid technological foundation, a complete product series, and internationally leading device performance, HyCores deeply integrates into the field of power electronics and continuously focuses on new energy vehicles, motor drives, rail transit, solar photovoltaic inverters, data centers, white goods, and other areas. HyCores consistently provides customers with high-reliability power electronic device solutions.

Compared to traditional Si power devices, SiC devices have higher breakdown voltage strength, lower losses, higher thermal conductivity, and other characteristics. These features significantly enhance product performance and competitiveness, and contribute to achieving low-carbon green development goals. They provide high-voltage, high-power SBD diodes and customized series of MOSFETs. The products are precisely benchmarked against leading international brands, and they provide professional solutions and device models for customer system application design. The comprehensive services enable customers to achieve rapid application implementation.

HyCores has research and design centers in Shanghai and market sales and customer support centers in several locations throughout China. Together, they provide users with top-notch products and after-sales services.

The research and design center focuses on the reliability and process feasibility of device structures, continuously optimizing device performance and introducing new products. The products have higher avalanche breakdown capability, surge current withstand capability, better robustness, and reliability, with performance on par with internationally renowned manufacturers.

FAE (Field Application Engineer) services tailored to customers’ needs are available. HyCores also offer SiC chip application prototypes and device data sheets and models. Please contact us for more information.

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