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Top 10 Electronic Components Distributors in Russia


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Russia has always maintained stiff competition when it comes to the industry, and the semiconductor industry is no exception. From consumer electronics to industrial equipment to aviation, semiconductors are the new fuel of the world. To catch up with the demand, the Russian government has developed a preliminary version of its new microelectronics development plan pledging investments of around ₽3.19 trillion ($38.43 billion) by 2030.

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and other emerging technologies, the demand for electronic components will witness an increase in the years to come. But while the semiconductor industry in Russia is growing, there is still a need for reliable distributors who can provide high-quality electronic components to manufacturers, designers, and other users.

That’s why we have come up with a list of the top 10 distributors of electronic components in Russia. It is an updated and fresh list meant to inform readers about the core details they need to know about a company.

Top 10 Electronic Components Distributors in Russia

top 10 electronic components distributors in Russia

#1 Symmetron Group


Symmetron Group is one of the premier suppliers of electronic components in Russia and has partnered with many local and foreign companies. Founded in 1993, they have grown at a rapid pace, with their customer base including more than 20,000 customers from various production areas in Russia.

Foundation Year: 1993

Company’s Websites: and

Location: Symmetron Group, 125445, Leningradskoye Shosse, 69, Build. 1 River City Business Park, Moscow

Products Symmetron Group Deals In:

AC/DC converters, DC/DC converters, Power supply accessories, Power supplies for LED lamps, Programmable Power Supplies, Digital ICs, ASICs & specialized microcircuits, RF & microwave components, Analog ICs, Discrete Components, Drivers for IGBT modules, Fiber Optics Components, Optoelectronics, Modules for power electronics, Solid State Relays, and so on.

Symmetron Group Partners and Brands:

Some of the brands they work with include Epcos, NXP (including products of the former Freescale), Infineon (including products of the former International Rectifier), Maxim Integrated, Mitsubishi Electric, Molex, Murata, Omron, Samsung, TDK-Lambda, Vishay, Wurth, etc.



Elkotech was developed in 1997 as a subsidiary distribution company of “Radis Ltd.” Back in the day, the company used to deal with the distribution of microwave components manufactured by Hewlett Packard. However, with time, their distribution network has expanded, and today they are distributing more products and have good contacts with manufacturing companies across Europe and the United States.

The company supports developers and small-scale manufacturers in its warehouse in Moscow.

Foundation Year: 1997

Company’s Website:

Location: Elcotech Ltd 105005, 12 bld.2 Radio str., Moscow, Russia

Products ELKOTECH Deals In:

Discrete semiconductor components – diodes, thyristors, transistors, Analog ICs, Digital ICs, Passive Components, Microwave diodes and transistors, Interface chips and drivers, Optoelectronic Components, RF and microwave microcircuits and modules, Passive RF, and microwave components.

ELKOTECH Partners and Brands:

Triquint Semiconductor, Teamcast, Freescale Semiconductor, Toshiba, Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Infineon Technologies, Broadcom, and Fairchild Semiconductor.

#3 Compel


Founded in 1993, Compel has become one of the largest distributors of electronic components and modules in Russia. The company has a philanthropic agenda of ensuring that Russian developers have access to the latest electronic components and modules at competitive prices so that they can develop top-notch products.

Foundation Year: 1993

Company’s Websites:

Location: Moscow, Novokhokhlovskaya st., 23, building 1

Products Compel Deals In:

AC-DC network converters, DC-DC Modular Converters, LED drivers, DC-AC inverters, Portable batteries, Charging devices, Cells and batteries, FET transistors, Transistors and keys, bipolar transistors, IGBT transistors, IGBT power modules, MOSFET power modules, DC smart keys, RF microwave transistors

Compel Partners and Brands:

Compel has partnership agreements with more than 70 brands and manufacturers. Some of their top partners include Desgon, Eve Energy, Viking, Bourns, Hitachi AIC, JB capacitors company, Yangjie, Bel power, JL world, Semikron, Ruimeng Technology, Sumida, Littlefuse, Wolfspeed, CCTC, Renata, Saft, Mean Well.

#4 EFO


Established in 1991 in St. Petersburg, EFO is one of Russia’s oldest and largest electronic component distributors. Over the period of three decades, EFO has localized itself and spread its networks across scores of Russian cities to meet the demands of local manufacturers and developers.

Foundation Year: 1991

Company’s Websites:

Location: 194100, St. Petersburg, st. Novolitovskaya, 15 A, Akvilon business center, office 441

Products EFO Deals In:

Integrated circuits, Clock components, Sensors and primary converters, Power electronics components, Electromechanical components, Wireless Components, Electrical products, Corps, Fiber Optic Components, Power supplies, Industrial automation systems, and RF/Microwave Components.

EFO Partners and Brands:

Since its foundation, EFO has expanded its distribution network. To date, EFO is collaborating with over 3,000 companies spread across 178 Russian cities. With a head office in St. Petersburg, they have functioning offices in six other Russian cities: Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Kazan, and Rostov-on-Don.

#5 Marco Group


When established in 1991, Marco Group was known as the Macro-Petersburg company, representing a British Distributor. However, in 2001, it became a fully independent company, changing its name to Marco Group.

Foundation Year: 1991

Company’s Websites:

Location: 196105, St. Petersburg, st. Sveaborgskaya, 12, lit. A, floor 1, entrance from the yard

Products Marco Group Deals In:

Power electronics, SiC transistors, and diodes, power modules, thermal interface, insulation, bridge rectifiers, IGBT & Diode Crystals, IGBT transistors, AC-DC converters, bipolar transistors, protective diodes, rectifier diodes, DC-DC converters, etc. 

Marco Group Partners and Brands:

Amotech, APAC Opto Electronics Inc., HCB Battery Co., Chengdu AINFO Inc. (A-INFO), AkkuTronics New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Delta Energy Systems, ChipSun Technology Co., Guangzhou Top Power Electronics Technology Co.

#6 Eltech


Founded in 1992, Eltech is one of the largest distributors of electronic components in Russia. They have their head office located in St. Petersburg, but they have maintained their presence in all big cities, including Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, and Rostov-on-Don. In 2017, they became the largest distributor of Analog Devices, Mean Well, and Aimtec within the territory of the Russian Federation in 2017.

Year Established: 1992


Location: Eltech Ltd., 3A, pl. Konstitutsii, Saint-Petersburg, 196247, Russia

Products Eltech Deals In:

Microchips and semiconductor components, power supply units, drivers for LEDs, embedded industrial computers, touch screens and TFT panels, wireless modules, connectors, power and passive components, cables, switches, push buttons, power supply cords, and toggle switches of world-leading manufacturers and new companies.

Eltech Partners and Brands:

ELTECH is the partner of some reputed brands, such as Analog Devices, Mean Well, Microchip Technology, Sierra Wireless. Besides, they are the official distributors of more than 40 manufacturers of electronic components.

#7 FMCC Group

FMCC Group

FMCC Group was founded in 1992 in Russia, but since 2003, they have also extended their area of services to Ukraine and Belarus. They specialize in selling power electronic components and offer a wide spectrum of electrotechnical products and components for industrial and civil objects, transport and power, mining and oil refining branches, the metallurgical and chemical industries, and power generation, transmission & distribution industries. Some of their clients include government entities as well.

Year Established: 1992


Location: FMCC Ltd. 63B, Mihalkovskaya str., Moscow, 125438, RF

Products FMCC Group Deals In:

Power semiconductors, IGBT, IGCT, Phase Control Thyristors, GTO, Diodes, Dies, Pulse power, Cooling of power electronic systems, Heat sinks, thermal pipes, Liquid cooling systems of converters, Fuses and holders, High power Disconnectors and Switches, Current collectors, Earth return current units, IGBT drivers, Resistive and capacitor components, Current and voltage sensors, commutating and measuring equipment, High voltage and high power resistors, Power semiconductors control, Power supply for control units, shunts, Power capacitors, etc.

FMCC Group Partners and Brands:

MERSEN (Ferraz Shawmut), API Capacitors (NCL until 2012), EBG (Austria), ABB (France), and others

#8 Quest Company


Headquartered in Vyborg, QUEST Company supplies highly reliable electronic components to Russia’s leading developers and manufacturers. They have a broader network base, having nurtured partnerships with companies across the globe—from China to Europe and the United States.

Year Established: 2002


Location: Quest Company, 188800, Russia, Leningrad region, Vyborg, Sovetskaya street, 5, 2nd floor.

Products Quest Deals In:

Power electronics equipment, power supplies, RF/microwave devices, welding equipment and safety systems production, telecommunication and networking equipment, aerospace, and high-temperature industrial applications.

Quest Partners and Brands:

The QUEST Company has distribution and partnership agreements with world-renowned manufacturers, including GAIA Converter, Semtech Corporation, Microsemi Corporation, Device Engineering Inc. (DEI), PICO Electronics, Caddock Electronics, Apex Microtechnology, GES Electronic & Service, and PCA Electronics.

#9 Radiocomp


Radiocomp started its activities in 1995, but it was not until 2001 that Radiocomp LLC Company was established as an independent commercial company. Radiocomp is fully dedicated to research and development, with their experts having 80 inventions and more than 500 scientific and technical works to the company’s name. They have won numerous awards and certifications for their expertise and sound knowledge.

Year Established: 1995


Location: Radiocomp, Aviamotornaya str. 8a, 111024 Moscow, Russia

Products Radiocomp Deals In:

Oscillators, RF-dielectrics, frequency dividers, transceivers, frequency synthesizers, transistors, inductors, amplifiers, capacitors, and filters.

Radiocomp Partners and Brands:

AML Microtechnique Lorraine, AWT Global, ERKON, Waka, Data Delay Devices, Ironwood Electronics, etc.

#10 PT Electronics

pt electronics

PT Electronics has earned recognition for itself in the electronics industry. They have secured 1st place in the Top 10 list of distributors ranked by sales of Total Industrial Components. Similarly, when it comes to the distribution of power electronics in the Russian market, they stand in the 6th top spot. They are also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.


Location: PT Electronics, 197350, St. Petersburg, Road to Kamenka, 64, Building 2, Building 1

Products PT Electronics Deals In:

Active components, electromechanical components, Hi-Rel products, optoelectronics, passive components to power electronics, and wireless.

PT Electronics Partners and Brands:

The global manufacturers and brands PT Electronics have partnered with are Traco Electronics AG, VPT Inc., DELTA, GE Energy, KINGBOPOWER, TOP POWER, SEMIKRON, and many others.

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